Markus Strothmann’s Emerald



Irish Blended Jazz. Emerald is the project that combines my Irish roots with my experience in Jazz Music. The debut release is set for the end of 2019. I was lucky enough to record with Gary Husband (piano), Suzanne Savage (Vocals), Fiete Felsch (Sax and Flute), Jonathan Ihlenfeld Cuñado (Bass) and Julian Elsesser (Guitar).


The Sazerac Swingers

Sazerac Swingers


I joined the legendary New Orleans Jazz Band “The Sazerac Swingers” in January 2016. Boy….what a band!!!!!!!!!!! The musicianship and the spirit is unique… is that kind of band I always wanted to be on the road with and so making music with them makes me very happy 2017 we are looking forward to a great tour through France including four nights in Paris. We work with brilliant musicians such as Glen David Andrews and Terrence Ngassa on a regular base. Here our mission statement: “THE SAZERAC SWINGERS play Swing and contemporary New Orleans Jazz. Our goal is to bring you the pure joy and love of high class jazz music and entertainment. We will travel.”

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Adrienne West and the Hammond Jazz Orchestra



The premium artist Adrienne West is returning to stages across the globe with a smasher: Her very own international Hammond Jazz Orchestra. Her high class approach to singing – which was crafted during her years at New York’s very own Broadway – perfectly blends with Euope’s smallest Jazz Orchestra.

John Hondorp’s expressive organ action forms the body and mind of this enormous sound, dynamically met by Markus Strothmann’s fierce yet subtle drumming style and spiced by Linley Hamilton’s wise and witty trumpet playing-

Be sure not to miss this band. The music of stars like Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and many more brought back with a genuinely modern twist and class Broadway atmosphere.


Transitions Organ Duo

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The Transitions Organ Duo is a Hammond Organ/Drum Duo with John Hondorp, tutor for the main subject hammond organ in the bachelor’s degree jazz music at the College of Music in Osnabrück, Germany and Artez Conservatory of Music Enschede, the Netherlands, at which I teach jazz drumset and jazzcombo coaching.

Transitions Organ Duo regulary works with high profiled guest soloists such as Frederik Köster or Jeanfrançois Prins, who also appear on the upcoming album “No Idea”. Transitions has appeared on first class jazz evets such as the “WDR Jazznacht” or the “International Jazz festival Enschede”.

For Transitions Organ Duo jazz is an international language, which is why emphasis is put on communication dynamics, which Transitions make use of extensively. Transitions lives for beauty but also brutal energy of music, innovative but always in deep respect of the heritage of jazz music. This force of energy is combined with passion and a good sense of humor.

Jazz music raw and honest as you have not heard it before, which is why we like to call it “Razz” :)


Levitation Bros.

In “Levitation Bros.” the snythesizer player Bernhard Wöstheinrich and seek out the boarders rock, jazz or electronical fusion has to offer, to “boldly go where no one has ever gone before.” The special sound of this musical constellation is formed by Bernhards electronical synthesizer sounds in combination with Markus acoustic drumsets.

The perfect soloist for this constellation is Ufo Walter, who joins them for concerts on a regular base. This German bass legend shows that a bass guitar has many more galaxies than the low sounds you would usually expect ;) His work is recognized across the globe for his many appearances with musicians such as Randy Hansen, Buddy Miles or the Alex Oriental Experience.


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