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Since I am updating my homepage a little, it seemed wise to write a short piece on what 2016 was like and what I am looking forward to doing in 2017.

Musically 2016 was a lot different from what I had expected, but it really turned out beautifully. The projects I focussed on mainly beforehand took a break, so this year was the first year for me working more as a sideman than as a bandleader.

The year started out very well with the release of Ansgar Specht’s CD “Some favourite Songs”. Ansgar Specht played guitar, John Hondorp Hammond and I played the drums. My composition Leave was included. I am very happy with the way this album turned out. It is a jazz album that is very straight forward and really approachable to many listeners. The national and international jazz – and guitar press gave us stellar reviews and the album was aired on national and international radio stations. Through its great success we played many concerts in this trio this year and there are loads to come in 2017. For this project there is lots to look forward to in 2017, like playing at the Jazzfest Stuhr and in the very popular Jazzclub Minden.

I also joined the legendary New Orleans Jazz Band “The Sazerac Swingers”. Boy….what a band!!!!!!!!!!! The musicianship and the spirit is unique…..it is that kind of band I always wanted to be on the road with and so making music with them makes me very happy. We had some legendary concerts in Switzerland, France, Hamburg and many more beautiful places. I cannot wait to play in Berlin with them on New Year’s eve and in June next year we will be playing a France tour – including four nights in Paris! Très bien!!!!!!!!!! The New Orleans style of playing Jazz is also a style that is very interesting for me to dig into. Every drummer should! It is incredibly inspiring to check out the work of players such as Herlin Riley, Johnny Vidacovich and many others.

Summertime was a great time because of playing with my great friend Linley Hamilton in an international band called Amethyst. We played Belfast and Dublin. The group had a very special vibe, we only played original compositions from each member. Although we had no more than two concerts, the music was on fire and we got a lovely review for the Belfast concert, which captures this intense atmosphere: https://www.allaboutjazz.com/amethyst-at-mchughs-belfast-amethyst-by-ian-patterson.php

Other than that I still am teaching at the mighty Rockpop Schule Lübeck and am proud, that my very talented pupil Bjarne Taurnier got accepted for music studies in Trossingen, Germany. I also enjoyed a lovely day as a guest teacher at the Artez conservatory Zwolle, the Netherlands. Besides teaching, I was asked by the Musikland Niedersachsen to hold a presentation about my masteres degree thesis on the network of jazz music in Europe and on networking as a musician in general. It reminded me of how relevant networking is for musicians and also of how enjoyable it is to hold presentations. It was a great success and I will look into finding more opportunities for holding presentations on this topic next year.

Last but not least, because of solely working as a sideman this year, there was finally a chance to think about my future as an artist. I am currently working very hard on my first solo record. I do not want to tell too much yet, but it certainly has a lot more to do with me personally than any musical project I ever touched before. I had a chance to test my concept in the legendary Jazzclub Birdland in Hamburg short time ago together with some great musicians from Hamburg. That night certainly confirmed, that I am on the right path.

Additionaly today a nice pre-Christmas surprise knocked at my information-super-highway door:  My overdrive space jazz/rock project Levitation Brothers was released by Iapetus Media today! It is a live recording from 2014 (https://iapetus.bandcamp.com/album/live-in-oberhausen-2014-free-download). I actually did not know this was going to happen, so for me it is Christmas already :)

Thanks to everybody who shared the stage with me and gave me beautiful opportunities this year. And of course all the fantastic audiences! Have a wonderful Christmas and a splendid 2017!!!





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